WIGGLE updates to 1.0.2 with more factory presets

WIGGLE 1.0.2 Featured Picture


2nd Sense Audio has released 1.0.2 of their dynamic waveshaping synthesizer plug-in WIGGLE. The new version adds more factory presets, modulator randomize and OP reset.


WIGGLE 1.0.2 download:



WIGGLE 1.0.2 revisions:


  • Added 35 new factory presets (WIGGLE now has over 210 factory presets); minor refinements on previous factory presets;
  • Added Reset function to OP, which can reset all OP parameters to their defaults;
  • Added random Modulator function;
  • Fixed the preset overridden bug: during first launch of the software, any changes made by the user will be overridden to the Initialize preset if the plug-in UI is reopened, because the first-launch onboarding process is mistakenly restarted;
  • (Logic Users: if Logic fails to validate WIGGLE, please manually rescan Wiggle. In Preferences->Plug-in Library, select Wiggle and hit reset and rescan selection button)


WIGGLE 1.0.2 new presets demo video:



WIGGLE 1.0.2 new presets demo sound:



Price: WIGGLE 1.0.2 is a free update for all customers, available immediately through the Support page. WIGGLE is available for $99 on 2ndSenseAudio.com.


Pic 1 – reset all OP parameters to their defaults:


Untitled 2


Pic 2 – Rendomize curve in modulations:


Untitled 3

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