2nd Sense Audio Releases ReSample 1.1.0 Update With Batch Processing


ReSample 1.1.0 update is available for download. This Major update introduces Batch Processing and Normalization.


New features:


  • New function: Batch (Multi-core supported). ReSample’s Batch allows you to add and configure any Export, Normalize or Processor job.
  • New function: Normalize. It can normalize an entire audio file with removing DC offset option;
  • Amplification processor: Added Link option;


Major bug fixes:


  • General: Fixed the “Internet unreachable” issue during Demo verification and Activation on some Mac machines;
  • General: Fixed FLAC audio files writing and reading bugs that could cause crash;
  • General: Significantly improved alert/pop-up window shwoing when reporting errors on Windows, where they used to be hidden behind other windows and block the whole UI;
  • General: Fixed the audio playback issue where a user changes audio settings during playback;
  • General: Refined save/discard ask on quit;


Minor bug fixes:


  • General: Fixed potential crash risks in Waveform Overview and Metadata View;
  • General: Fixed UI not updating issue when a file is exported with a different channels setting;
  • General: Fixed playhead input box rounding issue where the last digit might be rounded down;
  • Processor: Fixed Fade and Amplification enablement issue (now only working within selection range);
  • Processor: Fixed potential crash risks in multiple processor UIs.


ReSample 1.1.0 is a free update for all customers, available immediately through the official website.


ReSample is available for $89. You can download the 25-day fully functional demo version for Mac OS X and Windows on 2ndSenseAudio.com/resample.

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