2nd Sense Audio Releases ReSample 1.0.2 Update With Bug Fixes


ReSample 1.0.2 update is out. The update covers several known issues:


  • Time and Pitch processor: Fixed the hanging (hence not working) bug on some Windows machines;
  • Time and Pitch processor: Improved time stretch sound quality by removing some sound imaging artifacts;
  • Time and Pitch processor: Fixed the bug that the processor fails to follow the Loop command;
  • General: Fixed the bug where Loop ends after several rounds of play when the whole file is being looped;
  • General: Fixed the bug where the audio continues in the looping area after loop is off;
  • General: Fixed the crash when waveform area is dragged to minimum height.
  • General: Fixed the hanging bug when level meter is draged to minimum height.


ReSample 1.0.2 is a free update for all customers, available immediately through the official website.


ReSample is available for $89. You can download the 25-day fully functional demo version for Mac OS X and Windows on 2ndSenseAudio.com/resample.

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