ReSample 1.1.5 update is available, with Noise Generation and Limiter functions.

ReSample 1.1.5 update is available for download. The new version introduces Noise Generation and Limiter processor.

New features:

  • New function: Noise Generation for white and pink noise;
  • New Processor: Limiter processor, for normal limiter usage.
  • User Experience: Windows installer for ReSample does not need VCRedist installation any more.

Other Updates:

  • General: Fixed a memory leak issue after an insertion;
  • Processor: Reverb processor is added a low cut filter, and other parameter related bug fixes;
  • Processor: Minor fixes on some processor presets loading.
  • Processor: Fixed errors on opening some processors after Batch processing is introduced;
  • General: Fixed some playhead and looping related bugs;
  • General: File name checking bug fixed for files with same names but different cases.

ReSample 1.1.5 is a free update for all customers, available immediately through the official website.

ReSample is available for $89. You can download the 25-day fully functional demo version for Mac OS X and Windows on

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